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Sweet Peach Limo Corporation D.B.A. Sweet Peach Travel Club, was created on July 29, 2009 in the State of Minnesota.

Sweet Peach Limo Corporation  is a "Luxury Vacation Company" and our goal is to show our Exclusive Members how they can enjoy an increase in the amount of times they  enjoy a vacation, let alone a Luxury Vacation.  Our slogan is..."Luxury' a Remembrance to Be Told (TM)."


Sweet Peach Limo Corporation has a business model of serving our Exclusive Memberships ONLY.  Those who choose to become Exclusive Members will enjoy an increase in limousine services within the continent of the United States as well as cruises, group vacations in villa's, enjoyment of luxury limousines, party bus, airport cab Minneapolis,  free updates on travel changes (even while over seas or extended travels), three-tier discounts for individuals & groups and two-tier discounts for corporations + much much more.

Start-Up & Anticipated Launch Date (May 2019)

Sweet Peach Limo Corporation..."Luxury' a Remembrance to Be Told."  Sweet Peach Limo Corporation is a Privately-Held & Membership-Based company.  One of the reasons our members are exclusive is because of the tremendous contributions directly steaming from the cost of each Exclusive Membership (individual, group and/or corporate).  

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A Luxury Vacation Company.

Start by reserving your Exclusive Membership today (limited time offer).  Note: The address listed below is our Mobile Office ONLY (startup location).

Sweet Peach Limo Corporation

333 Washington Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401, United States

(855) 974-5080


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